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Tortik Annushka: Baking Up a Family Business in Moscow This feature is part of #MadeToCreate, a series highlighting our community of entrepreneurs, makers and artisans on Instagram. (This interview was conducted in Russian.) “Creating a single cake may take a week,” explains artist and baker Madina Yavorskaya. “Ideas simply come to us, and sometimes, they emerge as we experiment.” Along with her brother Rustam, Madina opened Tortik Annushka (@tortikannuchka), a family pastry business and confectionary school in Moscow, named in honor of her daughter, Annushka. Madina holds an advanced degree in fine arts and Rustam is an architect — their combined backgrounds are responsible for the sometimes polished, other times playful, but always elegant and well-constructed cakes that they design and bake. “We always work together, and we get inspired by progress,” she says.

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