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Bringing Forgotten Places Back to Life with Light Calligrapher Jz Aamir To see more from Jz, follow @jzaamir on Instagram. Jz Aamir (@jzaamir) uses light calligraphy to bring forgotten locations back to life. “I want people to visit these places and see real beauty, understand the history and learn the stories behind them,” says the 37-year-old from Pakistan. Light calligraphy is a combination of three art forms – photography, light painting and calligraphy, and mastering just one can require years of training. “You need to practice writing in reverse because cameras capture a mirror image. That took me some time getting used to,” he says. “Flipping the image in Photoshop could easily solve this problem, but I keep my work straight out of the camera.” Jz now lives in Dubai, paying homage to each location he shoots. “I visit the place, study the history, think of a word that would suit the location, then shoot,” says Jz. “Sometimes it takes several visits to come up with the word.” Today, Jz is sharing the Arabic word for “love” created inside Jahangir’s Tomb in Lahore, Pakistan.

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