Many scientists believe that basic emotions are innate rather than learned. For example, people who were born blind and have never seen faces still display the typical facial expressions of the basic emotions.

Let your emotions guide you.

What is Emolate?

Emolate is an emotional search engine which quantifies and stores emotional input data. It was created to help the web evolve in terms of its emotional characteristics. It's also the world's biggest machine learning initiative in the Emotional Intelligence space and the largest database of strutured emotional data. The purpose of Emolate is to quantify content in terms of its emotional qualities and decipher human emotions and moods.

How does it work?

Emolate seeks out relevant content for your mood, and discover what drives your emotions. By using Emolate, you are training a computer to comprehend the conditions triggering a wide spectrum of emotions. Using a methodology that allows us to quantify, aggregate and analyze emotional data at scale, our vision is to segment the web by its emotional characteristics and decipher human emotion.

How will you use my data?

We get it - emotional data is personal. That's why we don't require any personal information from you (not even your name). Instead, what we do ask is that you are as honest as possible with regards to expressing yourself on our platform. This benefits the users, the technology as well as yourself! The data is analyzed to identify emotional trends and connections in online content. Ultimately, we hope to leverage this data to enhance our understanding of human psychology and its application in web development.
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